"For AEC Industry's
Productivity Growth
and Excitement of

"Buildings and Infrastructure we see are constructed in 3D environment. In construction, the site condition changes over time. The activity of construction is done all over the world and is created in communication with many stakesholders.

But the Construction Industry faces many challenges to overcome. In particular, it is very difficult to plan and manage the 3D world with Time in conventional 2D environment. This is something that we, who have worked in construction management at a general contractor and facility management as a building owner, felt by ourselves.

I am confident that the technologies such as BIM, IT, AI, and robots that are evolving day by day will make a great contribution to the construction industry's sustainability and further development.

Pursue ""everyone involved in construction is happy"".

We provide productivity improvement and new value to everyone who designs, builds, maintains and manages the world's buildings and infrastructure.

Based on this philosophy, Const Tech is a company that contributes to the construction industry by thinking that Construction x Technology = ∞."

About Const Tech

  • Company Name: Const Tech Inc.
  • Address: Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kaganawa Prefecture
  • CEO: Ryota Ishikawa

Business Overview

We pursue to streamline your practical Design and Construction

"We were engaged in Factory, Office, Data Center, Airport project, etc. at a major General Contractor.
Please tell us about your QCDS (Quality, Cost, Schedule, Safety) concerns and challenges. "
BIM Support

□Easier Coordination with Building Owner and Stakesfolder in 3D
□Drawings that are always consistent and follow Design Changes
□Early resolution of challenges and accelerate Design and Construction
□Self-Explanatory Construction Plan by 4D (3D + Time)

Online Instructor

"Online Instructor work
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Providing Solutions

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Softwares we use


Company Values

We will create value that is useful to everyone and support the construction industry

With all our heart

“Contributing to the development and change
of people and society with a high aspiration”

Better and Faster

“We pursue customer satisfaction
and deliver excitement that exceeds expectations”

At the cutting edge of the world

Aiming to be a company trusted by the global community by bringing together leading-edge technologies on a global scale

For a long partner

Contributing to everyone through open and fair corporate activities and co-prospering with a livable tomorrow