Const Tech Inc.

"For AEC Industry's Productivity Growth
and Excitement of Stakes holder"

Pursue ""everyone involved in construction is happy"".

We provide productivity improvement and new value to everyone who designs, builds,
maintains and manages the world's buildings and infrastructure.

Based on this philosophy, Const Tech is a company that contributes to the construction industry
by thinking that Construction x Technology = ∞.

"ICP(Integrated Collaboration Platform) for Architecture, Engineering and Construction throughout the entire project lifecycle"

BIM Support & Modeling

Dear BIM Promotion Team, Designers, Engineers and Construction Managers


We provide tailor-made BIM Support and Modeling (including 2D drawing) that is useful for QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety) practices.

We Pursue To Streamline Your Practical Design And Construction


“We were engaged in Factory, Office, Data Center, Airport project, etc. at a major General Contractor.
Please tell us about your QCDS (Quality, Cost, Schedule, Safety) concerns and challenges. “

Software we use


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